“But I never get sick”

As soon as I heard the words fly out of my mouth I knew it was the kiss of death.

Not long ago I was being lectured on flu shots from a group of friends. I nodded obediently as they discussed the benefits knowing that I would probably not go get a flu shot. I haven’t gotten the flu in over ten years. I couldn’t be bothered.

Flash forward a couple weeks and I am one of the fallen ones. The flu has wiped out a good chunk of Winnipegers this holiday season, many people saying that it’s a strain even newer than this fall’s flu shot.  My Christmas holidays were spent huddled in bed with the shivers, a high fever and a debilitating cough. I haven’t breathed through my nose in over a week.

As much as I’d love to ring in the New Year in a subzero 5k first thing in the morning (not sarcasm), I know my body well enough to tap out of this one. Even the best athletes in the world have their limits when their body isn’t well. It’s the only body I’ve got, I have to take care of it!

To everyone going out tomorrow to run the Resolution Run in Winnipeg or whatever city you live in, you are awesome! I look forward to cheering you on from my window and setting a new goal for myself in the New Year.

For those of you sickos who are stuck in bed this New Year, check out this article. It’s got all you need to know about when to start exercising again after being sick and how hard to push yourself.