“But I never get sick”

As soon as I heard the words fly out of my mouth I knew it was the kiss of death.

Not long ago I was being lectured on flu shots from a group of friends. I nodded obediently as they discussed the benefits knowing that I would probably not go get a flu shot. I haven’t gotten the flu in over ten years. I couldn’t be bothered.

Flash forward a couple weeks and I am one of the fallen ones. The flu has wiped out a good chunk of Winnipegers this holiday season, many people saying that it’s a strain even newer than this fall’s flu shot.  My Christmas holidays were spent huddled in bed with the shivers, a high fever and a debilitating cough. I haven’t breathed through my nose in over a week.

As much as I’d love to ring in the New Year in a subzero 5k first thing in the morning (not sarcasm), I know my body well enough to tap out of this one. Even the best athletes in the world have their limits when their body isn’t well. It’s the only body I’ve got, I have to take care of it!

To everyone going out tomorrow to run the Resolution Run in Winnipeg or whatever city you live in, you are awesome! I look forward to cheering you on from my window and setting a new goal for myself in the New Year.

For those of you sickos who are stuck in bed this New Year, check out this article. It’s got all you need to know about when to start exercising again after being sick and how hard to push yourself.



Staying motivated when you don’t have a finish line

I started plugging in my car a week ago. It wasn’t even December. It’s not even officially winter for three weeks. It’s not fair. This is what it means to be a Winnipeger.

I’ve already read a handful of articles predicting what the weather is going to be like this winter. I think many Winnipegers (including myself) labour under the cozy delusion that this winter isn’t going to be as bad as last winter. It’s pretty hard to get worse than last winter. Whatever helps us sleep in the subzero, frigid night I suppose.

Personally, I find myself still recovering from last years brutal winter. The side effect? I have absolutely no desire to run outside. Whatsover.

I know, I know, I’m a wimp. A sham even, as I sit here discrediting my own blog. Allow me to explain.

I’m not exactly the best role model when it comes to running. My routine mainly consists of two things: training for a marathon full force, or hardly running at all. To combat that, I try to compete in a race at least once a year. When I’m really feeling it I do a half marathon, when I’m not I’ll do a fun run. I haven’t decided on my next challenge and therefore I’m struggling to find the motivation to even hit the treadmill, never mind run outdoors.

In this apathetic phase, I am turning to the advice that I have once given others, but forgotten for myself.

1. Motivate in the way that’s best for you

2. Baby steps

Totally simple, yet easy to forget.

For me, I’m not motivated by having a workout buddy. I am motivated by signing up for a class with a starting point and end point. I am not motivated by sharing my progress (kms, weight loss) with others. I am motivated by giving myself accountability like announcing a challenge on this blog.

For me, the best way to combine what motivates me with starting small—baby steps— is to finally decide on my next challenge. So I have decided that my next running goal is to run the 26th Annual Brita Resolution Run in Winnipeg. If you haven’t gathered, it happens on New Year’s Day every year, no matter how cold the weather may be. For me, this is the perfect ‘fun’ run to start off the New Year.

Check out info on the run here:


What motivates you? How to you keep a regular routine? No matter how cold it is outside, motivating your mind can be the biggest challenge in winter running.

For more advice on motivation, check out this article on www.lifehack.org: