Vaseline and you.

Yep, I went there. Behold the runners guide to Vaseline.

  • Ever see volunteers hand out sticks of petroleum jelly at a race? If parts of your body chafe when you run long distances—thighs, arms, nipples etc—put some Vaseline on those areas before your run to prevent rubbing. There won’t always be a friendly face en route handing you a stick of jelly. And if there is, it’s always just a tad embarrassing to take it.
  • Slather—and I mean slather—your face with Vaseline when running in the cold with an unprotected or partially protected face. Exposed skin on your cheeks, nose, forehead and lips are at risk of windburn and frostbite. The Vaseline will protect your skin from pain and discomfort.
  • Mix Vaseline with sea salt to create an exfoliating scrub for your skin.
  • Use Vaseline throughout the day and before bed to heal chapped/dry lips and skin.
  • Use Vaseline as part of your treatment plan if you have athletes foot. Listen to your Doctor too, of course.
  • Put Vaseline on your feet in areas that are prone to blistering before a long run. Vaseline isn’t water based and won’t wash away from sweat.
  • Put Vaseline on your feet at night and cover them with socks. You’ll wake up with softer, smoother runners feet. It is usually better for runners to soften calluses than remove them—they’re there for a reason.

Have you got another use for Vaseline? A running related use… you sly devils. Comment with your best tips below!


2 thoughts on “Vaseline and you.

  1. Interesting – never used vaseline for any of this stuff. Definitely in the cold I will try the foot callus treatment. I wonder how it would work for nipples … had a problem in my last full marathon with my band-aids sticking! Ugh!

    • As a woman, I’ve never had that problem, but I have heard from people who swear by using Vaseline. Even bodyglide or anything similar you have around the house just for another layer of protection. It’s definitely worth a try!

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