Snowed under

There’s always something.

Just when I thought I found the perfect day when I had a few hours to spare, the sun was shining, and the windchill was low, I ran into a little problem.

I went for a run this week on a really nice afternoon, but didn’t realize how windy it must have been the night before. The blowing snow had almost every sidewalk covered, especially smaller sidestreets that see very little foot traffic. I was forced to run on the street because the snow was so deep, and even the street was a little more snow dusted than I am used to. It was like running on the beach in the sand but way colder, slipperey-er and with ten times more clothes.

From what I gather, here are some tips for not only winter running, but running in the snow.

  • Run on bus routes. I have lived on a bus route almost all of my life and have always enjoyed the luxury of being the first street plowed when it snows. Sticking to bus routes and high traffic areas means you might have an easier time trudging through the snow.
  • Run in car tracks. Not ideal, but can make a big difference in deeper snow. Of course, it is important to stay safe and avoid darting in and out of traffic.
  • Packed snow is safer than loose snow because can see what you’re dealing with. Though packed snow can be just as slippery as ice, your running spikes are way more effective on packed snow than in loose snow.
  • Wear tinted sunglasses. Think like skiers and snowboarders who wear orange and yellow tinted goggles. Loose snow is blinding and can hide dangerous roots and rocks. A lightly tinted pair of sunglasses can make a big difference.
  • Plan shorter routes when running in the snow. It takes more energy than running on a flat surface and you may tire quicker than you expected.
  • Don’t be afraid of running in the snow! It’s tough to do and gets the heart rate up. Consider it a resistance training and cardio two-in-one.


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