Big gun stretches for runners – part 2

Physiotherapist Kelly Milan from Corydon Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic demonstrates another big gun stretch for the thigh, knee, and very important IT band.


It’s cold outside!

Just when you think you’ve dressed for the weather, you go for a jaunt and wind up with a frozen forehead and eyelash-cicles. I learned the hard way.

That’s right, not only do we officially have snow in Winnipeg, but the frigid temperatures have made an appearance as well.  I got a good taste of what it takes to run in Winterpeg this past Friday when I failed to check the weather before venturing outside. I had my layers, my mitts, a hat, and even a neck warmer on. But I certainly wasn’t prepared for how freezing my two inches of bare forehead between my hat and eyes would get in the snowy, windy, evening. It was positively unbearable! In that moment, I would have given anything to have a balaclava permanently sewed to my head.

We’ve already learned from Stride Ahead Sports the importance of layering. Now, I am on an urgent mission to find out how to completely cover your face. I’ve done some research and found a few top pics for much needed gear:

  • A hat that does the job and more – Salomon Active Beanie ($22)

The Salomon Active Beanie is a killer hat because it covers the ears and entire forehead. According to, the fitted, stretchy hat is an ideal toque alternative and great for wearing under a helmet. The soft and lightweight beanie comes in a variety of colours that make it very visible in the dark

  • If you value versatility – Original Buff® Marathon buff ($20)

This multi-functional buff is made of soft, breathable microfiber polyester to wick moisture and provide thermal protection from the cold and wind. You can pull them up over your head to cover your forehead and ears or use it as a neck warmer. demonstrates the 13 different ways you can wear your buff including neckerchief, foulard, hood, do rag and face mask.

  • A no-slip neck warmer – Freezer Zero™ Neck Gaiter ($30)

This warmer reacts with sweat lower to lower the temperature of the material. says the built-in UPF 50 seals out UV rays for supreme protection from the sun. The one size fits all model shapes to your body.

  • And perhaps the most extreme on the face warming spectrum – the Under Armour Coldgear Thermal Face Warmer ($25)

These masks cover the entire face minus an eye slit. They are made from Under Armour’s ColdGear material that claims to be quick-drying and ultra-warm. According  to, ColdGear is Under Armour’s patented technology designed for temperatures below 55 degrees F. The fabric is double-sided and circulates body heat. It is the sporty balaclava you never thought you’d wish for…until you’ve tried running in Winterpeg.


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